Top 5 Best overhead press tricep to Try

Are you seeking to bulk up and define your triceps?

Look no further than the imposing overhead press tricep!
This traditional workout is an outstanding way to target all angles of your triceps and enhance upper body strength.

Incorporating an overhead extension into your regimen can also introduce new challenges and diversify your exercise routine.

in this image a men performing overhead press tricep

1) Skull Crushers overhead press tricep

Skull Crushers Tricep Extensions overhead press tricep

The Skull Crushers, a time-honored exercise for shaping up the triceps, are given a boost with the overhead tricep extension variation, deemed one of the most effective.
This physical routine involves applying force to a barbell by using a cable or an overhead weight while reclining on a bench.
Additionally, a single-arm tricep extension is an option for a more personalized workout.

To execute this movement,
start by lying down on a flat bench with your feet anchored to the ground and holding a narrow-gripped barbell or cable above your head.
Gradually bring the weight down towards your forehead, then press back up.
Ensure your elbows are snug against your head and your back is firmly resting against the bench.
Another way to perform this exercise is with the use of an overhead dumbbell,
just keep the weight close to your forehead and press upward.

Overhead dumbbell Tricep Extensions

An alternative to the overhead tricep extension is the rope overhead extension, which utilizes a rope attachment instead of a barbell or dumbbell.
This exercise requires you to stand in front of a cable machine, grabbing the rope attachment with an overhand grip using both hands.
Then, pull the rope down towards your forehead, using your triceps to press back up.

For seated overhead press tricep, you can choose a barbell or cable machine.
Begin by taking a seat on a bench, grasping the barbell or cable attachment at shoulder-width distance.
Push the weight above your head and then slowly lower it down behind your head,
keeping your elbows close to your head.
When you reach the top of the movement,
exert pressure on the weight to bring it back up above your head using your triceps.

you can perform the overhead barbell extension,
which entails standing with your feet apart at shoulder width and gripping a barbell over your head with an overhand grip.
Keep your elbows close to your ears as you lower the weight down behind your head and then press back up to complete one repetition.

All in all, these various overhead press triceps are ideal for building tricep strength and enhancing muscular endurance and power.

2) Seated Dumbbell Presses

Seated Dumbbell Presses
overhead press tricep

In terms of isolating the three parts of the triceps, there’s no question that seated dumbbell extensions reign supreme.
This powerful movement offers a different take on the conventional barbell overhead press, enabling you to concentrate on each separate muscle that comprises your tricep with a separate weight in each hand.
To execute a seated dumbbell extension,
you’ll want to start by sitting down on a bench and grabbing a set of weights.
Ensure that your elbows are close to your sides and your upper arms are parallel to the floor.
Then, elevate the weights to shoulder height and lift them overhead until your arms are completely extended above your head.
If you’re aiming to increase the difficulty, consider incorporating some single-arm alternatives like the one-arm tricep extension,
single-arm overhead extension, or rope overhead extension.
These variations will engage all three parts of the tricep, with the one-arm tricep extension particularly focusing on the lateral part.
To perform the single-arm variation, hold one weight in one hand, stretch it overhead, then lower it back to shoulder height before alternating sides.
Incorporating seated dumbbell extensions into your routine is a great way to cultivate tricep strength and size without putting too much stress on your shoulders.
So give it a shot and find out just how effective it can be!

3) Lying Dumbbell Pullovers

Lying Dumbbell Pullovers Tricep Extensions overhead press tricep

Lying dumbbell pull-downs are an extremely effective exercise that targets the long part of the tricep, making them an ideal choice for building arm muscle and power.
To perform this move, you’ll need a bench, a set of weights, and enough room to move around.
Start by lying flat on the bench, making sure your back is firmly pressed against the bench and your feet are flat on the floor.
Then, lower the weights towards the floor behind your head, but be careful to maintain good form.
Finally, push the weights back up until they’re above your chest.
It’s essential to move slowly and with control when doing lying dumbbell pull-downs, as swinging or jerking the weights won’t deliver the best results.
Additionally, keep your shoulder blades engaged throughout the exercise to guarantee you’re targeting the right muscles.
For even greater difficulty, consider switching to a single-arm variation like the one-arm tricep extension, dumbbell overhead extension,
or cable rope overhead tricep extensions. These variations require more core stability and present a greater challenge to your triceps.
You can also increase the intensity by doing seated overhead tricep extensions with a barbell or single-arm overhead extensions with a weight.
Regardless of which variation you choose, lying dumbbell pull-downs are a fantastic way to build tricep strength and definition.
So give them a try and see just how effective they can be!

4) Bent-Over Lateral Raises Overhead Tricep Extensions

Bent-Over Lateral Raises

Bent-over side lifts are among the premier overhead tricep extensions to hone in on your triceps.
You can perform this workout with either hand weights or a cable,
where you elevate your arms to the sides, keeping them bent and close to your physique.
Ensure that your spine remains upright and your core is taut all throughout the movement, so you can target the triceps without putting any pressure on your lower back.
To up the ante of this exercise, you can opt for heavier dumbbells or a greater weight setting on the cable machine.
Another option is the single-arm tricep extension, which involves performing the bent-over side lift with one arm at a time.

If you’re seeking to challenge your triceps even further, try the overhead dumbbell tricep extensions.
In this move, you grip a dumbbell overhead and extend your arms upwards and away from your body.
This requires excellent core stability and is ideal for strengthening and building endurance in your triceps.
You can also execute an overhead barbell extension, a seated overhead tricep extension, or a cable rope overhead triceps extension.
Whichever overhead tricep workout you select, you’re guaranteed to see progress with dedicated practice.

5) Standing Dumbbell Kickbacks

Standing Dumbbell Kickbacks Tricep Extensions overhead press tricep

Standing dumbbell back kicks are an efficient and practical way to isolate your triceps.
This overhead tricep extension is a great way to tone and strengthen your arms.
To execute the standing dumbbell back kick, you’ll need one hand weight.
Stand with your feet hip-width apart, hold the hand weight in your right hand with your palm facing inwards,
and tuck your right arm close to your body, with your elbow pointing backward and upwards towards the ceiling.
From there, extend your right arm backward and contract your tricep at the top of the movement, then return to the starting position.
Repeat this sequence for one repetition.

The standing dumbbell back kick can also be performed using a cable machine or barbell instead of a hand weight,
known as the overhead press tricep cable or overhead barbell extension, respectively.
You can also execute a single-arm overhead tricep extension using either a cable machine or hand weight,
also referred to as the one-arm overhead tricep extension,
one-arm tricep extension, seated overhead press tricep, rope overhead extension, overhead DB extension, or DB overhead extension.
To intensify this exercise, you can attempt to use a weightier load or a slower pace to target your triceps effectively.
With consistent practice and regular variation in weight and tempo, you can achieve stronger arms with defined triceps.

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